Meet Ahmie

Meet Ahmie

This month we caught up with Market Trader Ahmie, who runs a lovely little clothing shop in a hide-away corner of the Central Market. She specialises in occasion wear, prom dresses and all things sparkly!

Tell us a little about your passion for fashion...

 I always dreamed of having my own clothes shop. When I was 9 I told myself that I could make it happen - and I have! I was passionate about fashion from a very young age and I have always been obsessed with sequined dresses and anything that sparkles.

How long have you been in the Central Market?

This March marked my 10th year in the Market. I can't thank my lovely loyal customers enough. Their support has meant I can do what I love!


Do you have any favourite pieces in your shop?

Yes - my ultimate favourite are the long ball gowns! I love all of them. I get all the celebrity style dresses in because they are so beautiful. My dream when I opened my shop was to make all the young girls happy when they put their party dresses on. I love to see their faces light up when they see themselves in the mirror. The prom dresses and sparkly dresses will always be my favourite. I have a feeling the girls will go for lilac this year!

Have you got a signature party look?

I have, but only because I'm short! I can't wear the long prom dresses, so I opt for a dress that's short in the front and trails at the back. It makes me feel glam. Oh! and of course I wear my sparkly mega high heels. 

You can find Ahmie at 50 Central Market or give her a call on +44 1534 720170